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Village Updates


Lindsey D Oldani  | Published on 2/26/2021

On Friday, February 5 Northeast Village PDX reached out to share information with our community about the Covid vaccine becoming available in the Portland metro area. As this information changes often we are connecting with you again to share what we know as ofTuesday, February 23rd. We will do our best to keep you updated as major changes occur, and we encourage you to monitor the web sites listed at the end of this message if you are able to do so.NE Village is not making health recommendations related to Covid vaccination; we are only providing information to help you make your own health decisions.

This update is a supplement to our first COVID VACCINE update published on 02/05/2021. Please, visit the link below to read more information.


OHA advises trying to get a vaccine appointment at the Convention Center by checking either online or by phone on Monday and/or Thursday starting at 9am.


Scroll down to findVaccine Eligibility and FAQ Tool(or click on the orange circle in the bottom right corner of your screen).

Telephone: 971-268-5550

For assistance using the online tool use the following helpful guide.

COVID: Making an online appointment

Wondering how you register for your second dose? All information and instructions available are with regards to yourfirst dose only. When you are at your first dose appointment you will receive assistance with scheduling your second dose appointment. At the convention center you can either use the computers provided or your smartphone to schedule.

Additional Pharmacy Resources:

Currently, there are no appointments available at area pharmacies, but they should be in the coming days or weeks. To stay abreast of the latest information, sign up for updates on each website. We have heard there were appointments at one time or another, but as of now none of the Villagers monitoring the pharmacies have seen an appointment available.


Go toSAFEWAY COVID-19and follow the instructions. There are two choices. Either ‘Vaccine Availability’ or ‘Sign Up For Updates’ regarding the COVID-19 vaccine. This includes both Albertsons and Safeway pharmacies.

‘Vaccine Availability’ will lead one through the steps to make an appointment.

If there are no appointments available, choose ‘Sign Up For Updates’ and fill in the required information. An email will be sent when vaccines are available and an appointment can then be made.



On the next screen are two choices in red buttons.

‘Find appointments’and ‘Sign up for updates’

Once again, follow instructions to see if there are any appointments available or to receive an update when they are.



Next screen shows available appointments if there are any, if not, try again.

Costco does not have an option to sign up for updates.

Other resources





If you need further assistance, please contact the office at 503-895-2750 or by email