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Creating a Vibrant and Engaging
Community of Older Adults


Our vision is a vibrant, future-focused, intergenerational community whose members grow with and rely on each other as we navigate the opportunities and challenges of aging. 


Building an active, mutually supportive, equitable and inclusive community that promotes self-determination, dignity and purpose as we age.


  • Inclusion: We welcome adults of all ages, races, faiths, ethnicities, sexual orientations, gender identities, socio-economic levels and abilities. We honor the dignity, independence and life experiences of each individual and encourage participation in the Northeast Village PDX community. 
  • Support: We treasure the willingness of members and volunteers to share their time and expertise in support of our mission and respect their work on behalf of the Village. We appreciate the generosity of donors who support the Village with financial and in-kind contributions.
  • Communication: We want all voices to be heard. We encourage members and volunteers to offer ideas and advice. We invite open and candid conversation during meetings and gatherings. We practice transparency in our decision-making and honesty in our dealings. 
  • Privacy: We take seriously the privacy of information entrusted to us. We do not share personal information with any outside group. 
  • Collaboration: We find meaningful ways to enhance the quality of life and vital living experiences for all Villagers. We foster a climate of growth, exploration and lifelong learning. We seek opportunities for mutually beneficial cooperation and partnerships within the wider community.
  • Lasting Community: We are committed to sustainable growth and the wise use of all available resources. We affirm the desire of members to remain an integral part of the Northeast Portland community and maintain the important connections they have established. We want Northeast Village PDX to be a vital part of this community for generations to come.