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Nationwide Movement

Northeast Village PDX is part of a nation-wide movement started in 2002, when the Beacon Hill Village in Boston, MA commenced operation. More than 210 villages now exist in the United States, with another 60 or so in development, according to the Village to Village Network, the national organization launched in 2010 to link individual villages and track their growth nationwide.

Each village is an independent entity, created by the people who live within the geographic boundaries that they themselves establish. These residents also decide what kinds of services the village will offer and how those services will be provided. Each village is self-governing, with a volunteer board supervising the work of volunteers and staff.

The Village movement is gaining nationwide notice. Here are two short videos prepared by national news organizations about Villages:

Portland Area Network

VNW Hub and Spoke

In the Portland metro area, the village structure is a “hub and spoke” model, in which Villages Northwest is the “hub”, and Northeast Village PDX, along with several other villages are “spokes.”

Villages Northwest is a nonprofit organization based in Portland, Oregon whose mission is to enable more Pacific NW residents to successfully age in place by developing and nurturing a network of sustainable, community-based villages throughout the region.

To learn more about how Northeast Village PDX is supported by and contributes to this network and for links to our neighboring village "spokes," visit the website for Villages Northwest.