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How to ...

Log in as a Member the First Time

You're here! Welcome! But how to log in as a member?         
If this is your first time to log in and you would like help with the process, send an email to the Northeast Village PDX office and someone will contact you to set up a time to do that.

If you want to try to log in on your own:
  • At the top right corner of this page click on the words "Member Login"
  • Enter your User Name
  • Enter your Password
    • If you don't have your Password you will need to have it reset:
      • Click on "Member Login" at top right corner or this page
      • In the box where the User Name and Password are entered click on "Forgot My Username/Password"
      • Check your email for instructions
  • To simplify login next time, check the box "Remember me on this computer" if you will be using the same computer device regularly to log in
Login Issues? If you have difficulty with login
please contact the
Northeast Village PDX office
rather than using the help feature
on the login page

How to ... 
Connect with Others at Village Events and on Zoom

Our Village community collaborates on a number of activities and events each month. Attending or planning an event is a great way to get to know other members and volunteers. Popular Village activities include the Movie Group, Dining Out and the Village Square.

Click on the word "EVENTS" at the top of the page to get to the calendar or use the link below to check out what is happening this month. Select an event in the calendar to get more information and to see whether the event requires registration. Other members and volunteers are waiting to get to know you!


Some Northeast Village PDX members and volunteers are using Zoom to connect. To learn more about Zoom, visit the Zoom info page.

Zoom info

How to ... 
Participate in the Member Discussion Forum

Our long-awaited Forum is now "live"!  Here you can read and contribute to discussion topics, find others who share your interests or see if someone would like to attend an activity with you. Members and volunteers will share favorite restaurants, movies, and activities around town. 

In order to participate in the Forum you will need to log in, as these discussions are for members and volunteers only. When you first visit the Forum, be sure to read our Forums Policy posted there.

Discussion Forum

If you would like to have someone walk you through the process of using the Forum, send an email to Northeast Village PDX office and someone will contact you to set up a time to do that.

How to ... 
Find or Make Vendor Recommendations

Northeast Village PDX maintains a list of Vendors and Contractors recommended by Village members. Use the link below to visit the Vendor Recommendation page and follow instructions there to find a vendor or to recommend someone you've had a good experience with. You will need to log in to visit this page, as these recommendations are available to members and volunteers only. 

Please note: These individuals and businesses have not been vetted by the Village, although individual Village members have had positive experiences with them. Please use discretion when hiring someone. 

Vendor Recommendations

How to ... 
View and Update Your Member Profile

Once you are logged in, hover your mouse over your name in the top right-hand corner of the website page. A menu will appear; select Profile from that menu. Here is where you can view and update your entries in the Village's database.

Some of the things you can find on your Profile include: 
  • A Membership Summary, including when you joined and when you last renewed your membership
  • Personal Info, such as name, address, phone number, email address


How to ... 
Use the Member Directory

Like the Discussion Forum, this feature is available only to Village members and volunteers. To use it, please log in with your user ID and Password, following the instructions above.

Member Directory

To see a list of all current members and volunteers
Click the Search button (lower right corner of the Search Criteria box). Use arrows at the bottom to advance through multiple pages. 


To find one particular member or volunteer
Enter either first name or last name in the Search Text box, then click the Search button. All individuals who match the search criteria will be displayed.


To look for a different member or volunteer
Use the Reset button to clear the first search and enter a new name in the Search Text box. Click Search again (or use your ‘Enter’ key) and new name(s) will be displayed.


To search for members with common areas of interest
Leave the “Search Text” field blank, then click on the drop down menu labeled “Interests.” 

Select a topic from the list to find members who have indicated an interest in that topic.  

Click Search and all Villagers who have an interest in the area you selected will be displayed.


To search for members in a particular neighborhood of the Village with common areas of interest
Leave the “Search Text” field blank, then click on the drop down menu labeled “Interests.” 

Select a topic from the list to find members who have indicated an interest in that topic.  

Then click on the drop down menu labeled “Metro Area” and select a neighborhood from the list provided.

Click Search and all Villagers in that particular neighborhood who have an interest in the area you selected will be displayed.

*You may also search for members with common areas of interests within a specific zip code of our Village by using the “Within” options to enter a zip code and distance from the zip code you wish to use.  

* The “Recent Membership” drop down menu offers options that are apt to be too limiting, so we suggest omitting that field when searching.

* Note that a less specific search (one that sorts by interest only) will return the largest number of results.  If you add Metro Area or zip code to your search, the results will be limited.   

Finally, note that you can enter only one interest, metro area and zip code at a time.  If you want to find members in several different metro areas who share interests, you will have to do more than one search.  Use the Reset button to clear the existing search and start over. 

Important Links for NEV Members