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Village Supporters

Charter Members

Funds donated by Charter Members when Northeast Village PDX opened in 2016 provided solid financial footing for the first year of operations and continue to sustain us as the Village grows.
Ann and Peter Anderson 
Susan Bach and Douglas Egan
Alison Bahr
Margaret and Frank Baldwin
Jane and John Braunger
Sigrid Casey
Vonnie and Joe Condon
Todd Coward
Carolyn and Jim Damis
Norma Dody
Paula Frechen
Nona Glazer
Julie and Bob Granger
Sara Hamill

Pam Horan 
Janet Jump and Kehrnan Shaw
Elyse and Ron Laster
Anne and Craig Lindsay
Joan and Neil Malling
Ann and Bob Phillips
Jean Robinson
Queenie Samuel
Licia and Rick Seaman
Elizabeth Shepherd
Marie and Jim Taber
Marcia Tate and Walt Quade
Sally and Ian Timm

Donors 2021

Northeast Village PDX could not exist without the time, money, talent and other assistance provided by Village supporters. Financial donations help us provide services, promote community among members, raise awareness and continue to grow.  We gratefully acknowledge the generous contributios made by the following individual donors during 2021.

Susan Bach and Douglas Egan     
Margaret and Frank Baldwin
Sue and Peter Carr
Nancy Donehower
Louesa Isett
Anne and Craig Lindsay
Ann and Bob Phillips
Jean Robinson
Richard Slawson

Mary Kay August
Sue Barnard
Nancy Batchelor and Susan Gilson
Jane and John Braunger
Vonnie and Joe Condon
Lynn and Todd Coward
Andrea Dobson
Nancy Doty
Julie and Robert Granger
Tricia Jett
Sylvia Larco
Joan and Neil Malling
Linda Rose and Eldon Haines
Ila Roy
Erica Rubin and Tom Slawson
Suzanne Silverstein
Ann and Peter Anderson
Roger Crockett
Kathy Eaton
Patricia Ferguson-Steger and Paul Steger
Lonny Gondara
Zachary Goldstein
Ruby Grad
Mary and John Keyes
Karen Madden and Jennifer Kinnick
Lyn Morrison
Cathy Robinson
Rekha Shaw
Susan Terry
Lisa Wylie

Shelby Atwood
Abe Cohen
Jacqueline (Carmen) Farmer
Barbara Fritz
Nona Glaser
Tamie Goranson
John Hammond
Penny Kavan
Michael Mathew
Queenie Samuel 
In-Kind Contributors
Pat Vivian, Wordsmith
PrintResults, Inc


Volunteers are the heart and hands of Northeast Village PDX. They donate time and energy to provide services to members, serve on committees, work in the office and support Village events. Volunteers participate with enthusiasm and commitment, and we want to recognize their many contributions to the ongoing success of Northeast Village PDX. We could not be a village without our volunteers!