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Our objective is to enable  our members to stay in their homes, aging in place, as well as they can for as long as they can, as cheaply as possible.  See About Us for more information about our Village.

Our Village is also part of a Portland-area Village Network.  Villages NW was founded in Portland in 2011 to serve as the “hub” of a “hub and spoke” organizational structure, with each Village becoming a “spoke” as it is established.  More information on our Village Network page.



Village Elects New Governing Council Members


On September 13, the Village held its first Annual Meeting and pot luck, accompanied by a state of the Village report that covered member growth, financial stability, services provided, and Village activities in the first year of operation.

The Governing Council presented Village members with a slate of seven prospective Councilors who were unanimously voted into office for two-year terms. Susan Bach, Margaret Baldwin, Anne Lindsay, and Neil Malling are already serving on the Council and were reelected for 2-year terms. Nancy Donehower, Dianne Fode, and Helen Richardson were newly elected, also for 2-year terms.

These members join Jane Braunger, Vonnie Condon, Todd Coward, and Ron Laster who were elected last year for 2-year terms.

The next day, September 14, the Governing Council met and elected new officers:

Chair:            Susan Bach
Co-Chair:     Margaret Baldwin
Secretary:    Jane Braunger
Treasurer:   Neil Malling


October Program Schedule Announced

The schedule of August programs and events has just been released, and is now on the website.  To view the announcement, click here.


Northeast Village Orientation Session

The next Orientation Session for Northeast Village will be Saturday, Oct 14th at 1:00 p.m. at Gregory Heights Library, 7921 NE Sandy.

Come and learn about the Village movement in general, and the Northeast Village in particular.  Just show up, and get acquainted with our Village.


Link to private page for Governing Council Members.