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Village Updates

Summary of Virtual Village Meeting

Julie Granger & Jane Braunger  | Published on 7/8/2020

Village Quarterly General Meeting

June 18, 2020

Northeast Village came together for a virtual general meeting on June 18th with a great turnout:  44 participants who broke into 7 small groups, each with a volunteer moderator and notetaker.  Each group shared results from discussion of three topics:  

  • Activities that sound interesting/fun to try

  • Outstanding service needs

  • Additional resources that might be useful/helpful

These results are compiled below.


  1.  Book talks

  2.  Game night/afternoon via zoom

  3.  Online classes:  tech support; emojis and gifs to dazzle grandchildren; another round of Food as Medicine; life story writing

  4.  Discussion groups: (could be with Village Square) on such topics as Antiracism;  Travel stories/experiences;  Experiences abroad - Peace Corps, Development work;  Covid 19;  Find experts in various areas of interest to give a presentation;   study a country with each participant researching an aspect of the country to share.

  5.  Widow/Widowers group or both

  6.  Chair exercise

  7.  Patio Picnics;  Happy Hour in the Park

  8.  Another book group ( four people have expressed interest so far)

  9.  Walking group:  using social distancing;  recommendations for where to walk

10. Expand the book share to include e.g.  jig-saw puzzles, flower bouquets, homemade bread, plant starts


 1.  Meal delivery from places that have take out

  2.  Website and zoom help


  1.  Resources with links on website:  Hollywood Senior Center, concerts (Chamber Music NW Summer Festival), COVID Multnomah County resources (, list of food take out places

  2.  Reminder email with zoom link if applicable for events members have signed up for just prior to event.

  3.  Some people feel topics getting lost in the Forum section - more specific headings might be helpful

  4.  What to do online with grandchildren (maybe a forum thread)


John Braunger will help with a program.

Cathy Robinson has a therapy dog and is willing to do social visits.

Julie Granger will match members interested in Patio/Park Picnics; this is already happening.

Lynne Coward and Leanne Logan will work on topics for Village Squares.

Next Steps


Want to plan an activity? It is easier than you might think and you don’t have to do it alone. Guidelines and support are available through the Village website. Under the EVENTS heading, select SET UP EVENTS & MEETINGS where you will find:
• Information and guidelines
• Link to Discussion Forum “Activity and Event Planning” thread to bounce your ideas off others and get support for planning
• Information about Zoom
• Link to schedule your event/activity to be put on the calendar
Once your event/activity is on the calendar, you can check in to see who’s coming. As villagers sign up, they’ll get the Zoom link.

Service Needs

Contact the office with a service request for take out pick up and delivery.  Watch the bi-weekly email updates for more support sessions on using the website and Zoom .

Additional Resources

We will continue to update resources on a variety of topics with links on our website. Our website team will work on improving the Forum section with clear, specific topic headings.

If you wish to print this document follow the below link for a PDF:
Summary of Virtual Village Meeting