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Village Updates

An Ongoing Conversation Now in Our Forum

Lindsey D Oldani  | Published on 6/5/2020

Fellow Villagers,


This is to announce a new Conversation Thread on our NEV website in the Community Connection Forumdealing with the ongoing protest events in Portland stemming from the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.


We are all NEV Villagers, and also part of our larger Portland community – and the on-going protests against systemic racial inequality are now on our “collective” plates.   

What are your thoughts, reactions, perspectives, observations … ?  This Discussion Forum on our website is a place to express how you are feeling, what you can offer to our Village community,  what you would like to share with your fellow Villagers,  and perhaps how you are responding as an individual to this situation.  Let's now share our thoughts with one another on this important and very relevant issue.


And while you are there, take a look at the other conversations within the NEV forum ... add your voice where-ever it feels right and fits with the topic.  And remember that you can start your own "Conversation Thread" on a topic of your choice.

Todd Coward