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Village Updates

NEV: Service Updates & Avoiding COVID Scams 04/25/2020

Lindsey D Oldani

Service Update
For many of us, a neighborhood walk or some time in our garden is a welcome respite from being cooped up indoors. If you'd like a companion on a walk, feel free to request this from the office.You and your walk companion will need to keep the required 6-foot social distance.The same goes for garden volunteers; they'll either work alone or at the required distance from the member. Let's enjoy spring as well as we can!

Jane Braunger & Todd Coward
Co-Chairs, NEV Governing Council

Scam Alerts

Northeast Village PDX “virtually” attended a video conference sponsored by the Village Movement California through theVillageto Village Network. Subject of the conference was COVID-19 and Medicare SCAMS. Here are some of the main points of the conference as well as contact information for Healthcare Advocates.


COVID-19 pandemic

Scam artists are on the prowl, especially for seniors who trust their message. The message may come in a phone call, on the internet, email or text. The offers could include some of the following:

• Virus test kit; callers ask for personal information

• Test kit and vaccine; callers ask for your checking account information

• Phone message about an Aging Empowerment Program—victim to call back and provide personal info to receive funds

• Text message from “someone you know” asking for personal information or for a call back number to find out if you qualify for special funds.


Medicare Phone Scams

• A free back brace

• A new plastic Medicare card

• A discount on Part B premium

• Equipment or treatment for ]free or limited offers

• Disclose Medicare #

• Receive boxes and boxes of un- needed medical equipment

• May be billed 20%


Census Bureau scam call

You may also receive calls or a fake letter from a Scam artist saying they are from the Census Bureau asking for you Medicare Number and other personal identification.


No public agency or person will ever call you, text you, write you and ask for personal information

Medicare will never ask for your Medicare number or credit card or bank account number

Social Security will never ask for your personal information

AND the Census Bureau will never ask for your Medicare number or other personal information.


REMEMBER The Scam artist will ask for personal information. DO NOT Respond


If you do get trapped by a scam artist here is an agency to help you:

Health Care Advocates