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Village Updates


 | Published on 2/20/2020
A big THANK YOU to everyone who attended the meeting on January 19. It was wonderful to see how many of us are on board with the idea of enhancing our NEV community and how many are willing to offer time and talents to make this happen!

Based on input from those attending the meeting, a preliminary roster of our stated areas of interest has been compiled. A few areas emerged as particularly popular, with several people saying they would like to get the ball rolling and organize a group or event.

Jane Braunger and Todd Coward, co-chairs of the Village Governing Council, contacted the members and volunteers with overlapping interests to ask them to connect and discuss how to move ahead. We hope to have reports from those groups at our next Quarterly Meeting on March 11.

If you haven’t yet been contacted, please don’t feel overlooked or unwanted. Things are just getting started, and there will be time for more follow up and discussion!