Our vision is a vibrant, inter-generational, inter-connected and mutually supportive community of members who live at home for as long as they choose.

Our mission is to engage and coordinate a network of trained volunteers and reputable service providers in ways that will connect members to one another and local resources, enabling them to live comfortably, safely and affordably at home.


 1.  Affirm Northeast Village PDX members’ desire to remain an integral part of the Northeast Portland community and maintain the network of friends and neighbors they have developed over the years.

 2.  Assist Northeast Village PDX members in utilizing smart, practical, cost-effective ways to address their evolving needs in these changing times.

3.  Find ways to enhance Northeast Village PDX members’ quality of life and vital living experiences by fostering a climate of growth, exploration and lifelong learning in our community. 

4.  Welcome and include people of all ages, races, faiths, ethnicities, sexual orientations, gender identities, socio-economic levels, abilities and disabilities.

 5.  Treasure the willingness of Northeast Village PDX members and the wider community to volunteer time and expertise in support of our mission, and ensure that volunteers’ work is always meaningful and appreciated.

 6.  Honor the privacy, dignity, and independence of our members and volunteers.

 7.  Protect the security of our members and volunteers in dealing with vendors and service providers

8.  Value the advice and opinions of members and regularly seek their views on volunteer or vendor services and other programs of Northeast Village PDX. 

 9.  Appreciate the generosity of the donors who support Northeast Village PDX with financial and in-kind contributions.

 10.  Maintain a commitment to enduring and sustainable growth and the wise and prudent use of all Northeast Village PDX resources

 11.  Practice transparency in our decision-making and honesty in all our dealings. 

 12.  Seek opportunities for mutually beneficial collaboration, partnership and networking within the wider community.