The City of Portland officially recognizes 95 Neighborhood Associations within its limits. In addition there are 7 District Coalitions, each comprised of a contiguous group of these Neighborhood Associations.

Northeast Village PDX includes within its boundaries 16 of these Neighborhoods within 3 Coalitions and 2 additional independent entities:

Central Northeast Neighbors (CNN): All Neighborhoods in this Coalition are included in Northeast Village PDX – Hollywood, Beaumont-Wilshire, Rose City Park, Cully, Madison South, Roseway, and Sumner.

Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods (NECN): Sullivan’s Gulch, Irvington, Alameda, Concordia, Sunderland, and Grant Park.

East Portland Neighborhood Office (EPNO):  Parkrose, Parkrose Heights, and Woodland Park.

Independent Entities: City of Maywood Park, Lloyd District Community Association