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Our village provides a wide range of social, educational, and recreational programs for all village members.  Some of these offerings are also open to the public.    Examples of such programs are conversations, presentations, and workshops on:

  • Health & Aging issues facing older adults:  long-term care, health, assisted living
  • Financial options & opportunities:  investing; annuities; estate planning
  • Social Activities:  Night out at the movies, restaurants, pot-lucks, conversations
  • Recreational Activities:  morning walks; Bird-watching, river rafting
  • Educational Activities: Art Museum tours, home upgrades, how-to seminars
  • Community involvement; Neighborhood & City issues; other opportunities

Vendor Services

Northeast Village maintains a list of Vendors and Contractors recommended by Village members, as well as vendors which are fully-vetted with background checks etc. by our Hub: Villages Northwest.

Some of these recommended or vetted vendors will offer discounts or other special services or arrangements for Village members.

Services from Village partners

We currently are developing partnership relations with the Northeast Community Center and the Hollywood Senior Center.  Service offerings will be listed here as soon as they are made available.


smokealarm_031Referrals to agencies and companies that already offer services.

In addition, our Village Volunteers will offer other services such as:


TRANSPORTATION:  Volunteers provide up to twelve monthly one-way trip transports (or six round trip transports) for medical appointments, grocery shopping, airport, errands, or social events.

IN-HOME ASSISTANCE: Volunteers can help with household tasks, or can provide information and advice. Typical tasks might include: organizing files and paperwork, cleaning out closets or cabinets; changing light bulbs; hanging pictures; moving furniture; hanging curtains; making simple repairs; and light yard work such as raking leaves.

FRIENDLY VISITORS: Volunteers can make a phone call or visit to members at a regularly scheduled time to chat or to check on the members well being .

TECHNOLOGY SUPPORT: Volunteers can assist with computers, cell phones, digital cameras, home electronics

CONVENIENCE SERVICES: Volunteers can help members with small needs such as: mailing packages;  checking on houses when members are away; waiting for delivery or service personnel; picking up mail or newspapers; temporary dog walking or pet care.