Whether we choose to acknowledge it or not, we all experience a decline in health, energy, and the ability to manage as the years go by. The loss of a spouse or significant other can leave us quite alone to cope with daily chores and living, and more often than not, lonely for companionship as well. And with the increased social mobility of today’s world, many families no longer live close to each other so children, who in earlier times were nearby to help parents as they aged, may live far away.

groceries_015 - CopyThe “Village Movement”  successfully confronts these realities. Villages provide, directly or through referral, solutions to the day-to-day problems that can, if not met, drive aging persons from their homes.

In addition to responding to practical day-to-day issues, the Village community, by its very nature, promotes engagement, connection, and awareness of those around us. Villages  build relationships and develop community through social activities including potluck dinners, book and movie clubs, exercise/wellness activities, and educational programs.

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