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Village Updates


 | Published on 3/1/2020
The NEV Governing Council approved new benefits and programs for our members and volunteers. To further recognize the important contributions that our volunteers make and to ensure they are welcomed and treated as equal partners in our community two main steps taken are: (1) to welcome our volunteers to all NEV-sponsored events or meetings, and (2), to provide a way for the village to offer services to anyone who experiences short-term setbacks such as injury or illness.​

​For Associate members, NEV is now offering 4 services/year, up from 2 in the past, and no-cost access to services for up to 2 months to those who experience short-term setbacks such as injury or illness.

For all members, new programs entitled “Partnership Program” and “Social Visits Program” are now available to assist members getting started in the village or members in need of additional support due to health or wellness issues. Existing members may request these programs through the office.