A Village is a group of like-minded people in a geographic area who come together to help each other age affordably in their own homes. This kind of village is not a building or a real estate development or a retirement community.  It is a coordinated network of volunteer and reduced cost services that supports village members to “do as much for as little cost for as long as possible.”

The essence of the Village concept is that each self-governing Village is formed, developed, and managed by area residents who choose to become members. Each Village is an independent entity, created by people who live in their homes within a set geographic area. Members of Northeast Village PDX will decide what kinds of services will be offered and how those services will be provided. Northeast Village PDX is governed by a volunteer board.

Our village – the Northeast Village PDXopened in November 2016, after 2+ years of planning and preparation.

Please read our Mission, Vision & Values, check out our boundaries, Services and Membership options, and other information throughout this website.

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