Interested in becoming a Village Volunteer?   We’re ready to talk with you about the possibilities, and to begin the sign-up process.

Check out the types of services that Villages typically provide on our website, and let us know if you have an interest in volunteering by submitting a pre-application form, or the official complete application form.

In addition to the volunteer services to members, we also need volunteers to work in our office, scheduling volunteer requests from members and other administrative duties, and to work on our various committees.   Let us know if interested in these areas.

Steps to becoming a volunteer in Northeast Village PDX

  1. Fill out our online pre-application form or the complete Volunteer Application form to let us know you want to become a volunteer.
  2. Someone from the Village will contact you to set up an interview to introduce you to our village. You will talk about the services you want to provide, your past experience with volunteering, etc.
  3. If you submitted the pre-application form, you will be asked to fill out and submit our complete Volunteer Application form during or after the interview.
  4. Your references will then be checked by someone from the Village
  5. You will receive an invitation to do a criminal background check online and sign a confidentiality agreement with Villages NW
  6. You will attend at least one volunteer training

You will have an opportunity to accompany a more experienced volunteer on a “ride along” if you choose starting in October 2016

NOTE: If you want to be a driver, there are further steps to complete with Ride Connection. All drivers must first complete the steps above. Contact the Village for more information.

Our immediate needs for volunteers are as follows:

  • Volunteer Committee Chair – coordinate the recruitment and training of Village Volunteers:  service providers, office workers, etc.
  • Check out our Committee page.  Many of our committees are interested in adding new people to help with the work and deliberations.

Service Volunteers

We are accepting applications for service volunteers.  Check the list of likely needs here, and if you would like to get on our list of service volunteers, please contact us or fill out the Volunteer Application Form.

Contact Margaret Baldwin at or our office at 503-895-2750