villages_nw_logo_150Over the past three years,  Villages NW has worked tirelessly to organize neighborhood residents into planning groups and now has SIX grassroots Villages in development across the Portland metro-area—three in Multnomah County, two in Washington County and one in Clackamas County—and we’re not done yet!


The Role of the Villages NW Hub

  • Educate the public about Villages as a critical, cost-effective solution for those wishing to age in place.
  • Catalyze the emergence of new Villages by assisting Village founders to develop planning groups in their own NW communities.
  • Provide Village planning groups with targeted coaching and tactical support at each stage of their Village’s development.
  • Fast track the Village creation process by sharing materials, resources, best practices and “lessons learned” among NW Villages.
  • Develop Villages NW into an effective regional resource, connecting all the grassroots Pacific Northwest Villages.
  • Serve as information central for the regional Village movement, publicizing NW Villages’ events, presentations, and programs open to the public.
  • Advocate on behalf of the NW Villages, locally, regionally and nationally.
  • Explore cost-savings and economy-of-scale efficiencies that can be achieved by collaboration among NW Villages.
  • Negotiate key strategic corporate and organizational partnerships and apply for funding on behalf of the NW Villages.
  • Establish a hub and spoke network model for Portland metro-area grassroots Villages, reducing costs, providing key organizational, HR, financial & administrative services, and eliminating the need for each Village to acquire its own 501(c).

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